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Welcome to my favorite place in this planet! My relationship with Lanzarote is special, it’s the island where I grew up and the only place on Earth where I can truly disconnect.

Lanzarote is an island full of contrast and even it’s a beach destination and a small island, it has a lot to offer. If you like photography, nature or aquatic sports, you will enjoy it. On the other hand, if you are looking for a party destination, look for another place because you won’t find it here.

I will update this post time to time with more pictures and new activities.


Rent a car

Make sure you can rent a car before arriving to the island, this is the most important thing. You cannot depend on the public transportation. The bus (guagua for the local people) doesn’t reach every spot and there are not good connections. We recommend you rent a car fully insured because there are no roads to get to some beaches. It is not expensive to rent a car because the distances are limited and you will find free parking in almost everywhere. 


A sweatshirt is a must in your suitcase regardless of the time of year you go. The trade winds affect the Canary Islands almost all the year and at night the temperatures drop. In addition, the weather changes a lot from the north to south of the island.

Suncream and sunglasses

The sun in the Canary island is very strong. You can get burn even on a cloudy day. Please protect yourself, I’m tired of seeing tourist completely red that cannot move because it hurts. It is not nice and also potentially dangerous. 



Timanfaya is a must visit. Here you will discover active volcanos and feel the heat of the Earth. Furthermore, the tour includes a bus tour where they will explain the history of the island while you are in an unexpectedly beautiful landscape. 

Duration: 2 hours and a half approx. We recommend you travel with time because long queues form to get in. The parking is free. 

The price for an adult is 10€. Children between 7 and 12 pay 5€.

The tour is available in different languages.

La Geria

You can visit La Geria without leaving the car. They are the vineyards of Lanzarote and are known for their peculiar landscape. The vines are found in holes dug in the picón (volcanic sand or ash) and protected with small semicircular stone walls.

Cueva de los verdes

These are natural caves formed by volcanic activity. The ticket includes a guided tour in which they will explain all the secrets and stories of this place. 

Duration: 50 minutes.

The ticket for an adult costs 9,50€. Children between 7 and 12 cost 4,75€.

This tour is also available in different languages.

Los Jameos del agua

This is connected underground with la Cueva de los Verdes. It’s located close to the sea and it was the first art, culture and tourism center created by César Manrique. Here you will meet the blind and albinos crabs, they are unique in its kind and they only can be found in the natural lake of this cave. There is also a swimming pool integrated with a garden, a bar and an auditorium. 

The price for and adult is 9€ and the price for children between 7 and 12 years old cost 4,50€.

El Mirador del río

As its name indicates, it’s a lookout point located over 400 meters high in the Risco de Famara. In this César Manrique creation you can enjoy a spectacular view of the natural park called Archipiélago Chinijo. This archipelago is formed with the islands La Graciosa and the islets Alegranza, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este y Roque del Oeste. You should visit this place a day without clouds to enjoy it. This is one of the best views of Lanzarote.

Mercadillo de la Villa

You will find this market in Teguise, the old capital of the island, but it’s best known as la Villa. This market takes place every Sunday from 09:00 to 14:00. We don’t like markets too much in general but we realize that there is a very nice atmosphere and there is normally live music in the square. Local people meet there to have an appetizer before lunch and hang out with their friends or families. In addition, in architectural terms this is a typical town of the island. 


This place is in el Oasis de Nazaret, 10 minutes driving from la Villa. It is the old house of the actor Omar Sharif, winner of three Golden Globes. It is built in the cliffs of a volcano and nowadays it is a restaurant, a bar and the house of the actor.

César Manrique collaborated in the design of this spectacular spot that perfectly integrates with nature. From my point of view this is its author’s most beautiful creation.

El LagOmar  is also well known in the island because of its legendary Mojitos served in the bar. It is a bit more expensive compare to the rest of the island, but it well worth it. The entrance is free. 

El lago verde

It is also known as the Charco de los Clicos. It is located in the south of the island and you can visit it for free. The green color is due to the presence of a type of seaweed and to the amount of sulfur it contains.

50 meters from the lookout point there is a free parking lot. After visiting the green lake you can go walking to the town of Golfo, where you can find a lot of restaurants. 

We recommend you stop by in one of them and ask for tapas in a terrace in front of the sea. My recommendation is to ask for lapas with mojo verde. This kind of limpet is typical in the Canary Islands and if you like seafood, you will like it for sure. Here is also a good place to try papas arrugadas with mojo picón. This is a typical plate from the Canary Islands. 

Here you have a map with all the locations:

Timanfaya Parque Natural

La Geria

Cuevas de los Verdes

Los Jameos del Agua

El Mirador del Río

La Villa

El LagOmar

El Lago Verde



This is probably one of the most famous beaches in the island. It is located in the south of Lanzarote and it has white sand, turquoise waters and contrasts with the volcano rocks. You can only access this beach driving on an unsurfaced road. Non-local people have to pay 3€ to get in.

Most of the people go with a cooler full of water and beers and sandwiches to spend the day. But if you prefer there is also a restaurant with nice views but it’s expensive.

There is normally good weather in Papagayo, but we recommend you take a beach umbrella with you because the sun in the Canary Islands is very strong.


Famara is one of the favorite beaches of the local people and here you can take surf classes. It’s almost 3 kilometers long and in visually terms is one of the most stunning beaches in Lanzarote.

This area of the island is very windy and dangerous beach due to the ocean currents, which is the reason why there is always a red flag. As a curiosity, I will tell you that they only change the flag when it has lost the color due to the sun exposure. You can swim but very near the shore. We recommend you not  getting in more over your waist. 

Another way to enjoy this beach is going for a walk in the late evening. This is one of the most beautiful sunsets of the island.

Puerto del Carmen (Fariones)

The beaches in Puerto del Carmen are very well known because it is one of the most touristic areas of the island but I don’t think it is very special. If you don’t like to stay all day on the beach, it might be a good option. There is an avenue full of restaurants and shops and there is also a mall called Biosfera which you can find shops such as Zara, Oysho, etc. 

The beaches in this area of the island are more crowded compare to the ones I said above because Puerto del Carmen is full of hotels and apartments for holiday renting. In addition, it is difficult to find a restaurant or a bar that offer local o Spanish food, because most of them cater to the English toursists. 


This beach is located near the airport. Even though there are hotels and apartments in airbnb in this area, this is a non-crowded beach. Furthermore, there is an avenue in front of the sea with a bicycle lane so you can use it to go to Arrecife or to go to Puerto del Carmen.

Flamingo Beach and Dorada Beach

If you are traveling with children these two beaches are a good option. Both of them are located in the south of the island, in Playa Blanca there are small beaches. They are a bit crowded but they are protected from the wind so there are no waves in the sea. Furthermore, this is an area full of hotels and apartments, so it is easy to find a restaurant or shops when the children need a break from the sun. 

Here you have the locations of the beaches I said above:

Playa Papagayo


Puerto del Carmen



Playa Dorada


Rent a bicycle

If you have time, you want to do sports and surfing is not for you, renting a bicycle is one of the best things you can do. Lanzarote is also well known for cycling for both amateurs and professionals. But here we want to show you the route that goes from Arrecife, Playa Honda, the airport until Puerto del Carmen. This bicycle lane is always opposite the beach.

Practice surf or windsurf

As I mentioned before you can take surf classes in Famara, but you can also practice it in Caleta Caballo or in Club la Santa.

For windsurfing you have to go to Costa Teguise but you can algo find people practicing it in the area near los Jameos, in Punta Mujeres.

El charco de San Ginés

It is located in the historical center of Arrecife and it used as a fishing port. Nowadays it is full of restaurants and bars where you can find tapas of typical delights from the islands. You can go during the day or night but it is more beautiful at night. Don’t go too late because the terraces are normally full in the late evening!

La Graciosa

If you have time you can go and come back to La Graciosa on the same day. There is a ferry that leaves from Órzola and takes around half an hour to go to La Graciosa. If you really want to disconnect this is the best thing you can do. To move around the island you will need to rent a bicycle in the port because renting cars are not allowed. 


My conclusions are not objetive because as I said in the beginning of this post, Lanzarote is my favorite place. However, I can tell you that this is a place you won’t forget. There is no place I know that has so many contrasts like Lanzarote does. There are black and white sandy beaches, small coves and expansive beaches, you can practice surf or move around on a bicycle. In addition, the food here is delicious, the prices are very low and it is not crowded compared to the Balearic Islands. If you want to discover new and different places and you also want to have a relaxing holidays, you will enjoy it for sure. Some people compare the landscape of the island with Mars and some others with the Moon. Come and discover why. 

Here you can find an approximate budget for 5 days for 2 people. These prices are approximate and intuitive because I always stay home.

  • Flights go and return from Madrid with Ryanair: 120€ (each person)
  • 4 night hotel en Matagorda: 300€ (between two)
  • Rent car fully insurance 5 days: 55€ (between two)
  • Lunch and dinner 5 days: 300€ (between two)
  • Tickets to Timanfaya: 20€ (between two)
  • Tickets to los Jameos del agua: 18€ (between two)
  • Tickets to la Cueva de los verdes: 19€ (between two)

Total: 476€ approx. per person.

I Hope this information helps you. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

See you soon!


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