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It has been a long time since we have wanted to visit the Northern countries so we decided to go in December to Copenhagen to enjoy the Christmas spirit. Even though at this time of the year, it is very cold in Copenhagen which could be a reason for some people to choose somewhere else to go, but actually we would say that it is the best time of the year to visit this city. 



In Denmark they use the Danish Krone. You don’t need to have cash with you because they accept credit cards everywhere, including in the Christmas markets and small shops. Anyways, if you prefer to carry some cash and you don’t have a card without commissions, we recommend you to change money before going to the country because commission charges can be hefty.


It is very cold, at least in December. You should take with you a scarf,  hat and gloves.  

Get ready for the high prices

Depends where you normally live but most people find Denmark quite pricey.


The accommodations in Copenhagen are very expensive so if you are planning to visit this city we recommend you to book it a long time in advance to avoid surprises. The prices we include on this post are probably overpriced since we organized this trip in the last minute. We booked the accommodation in booking but check out airbnbs because you will probably find something cheaper. 

We stayed in First Hotel Twentyseven. It’s location is perfect. It’s just a few minutes walking from Tivoli Gardens and 10 minutes walking from the city center. It’s bedrooms are very comfortable and it’s very clean.


Copenhagen is a small city and you don’t need too many days to visit it. Three days should be enough to visit the most important spots and enjoy the city.

Black Diamond

If you like architecture in general, you will surely enjoy Copenhagen. It’s full of buildings to admire, like The Royal Library, better known as the Black Diamond. It is beautiful both inside and out and the entrance is free but remember to be quiet because there are usually students there studying for exams.


Another must stop is the canal Nyhavn, which is probably the most well known and most photographed spot in this city. It is also one of the most beautiful streets that you can find in Copenhagen. All the bars and restaurants in this street have their own outdoor cafés with heaters which make them the perfect places to enjoy a break.

Furthermore, if you are coming in the Christmas period, just in front of the restaurants you will find different Christmas markets. The best time of the day is to come and visit this canal  during the day light to see the beautiful contrast of colors between the buildings. You will love it!

Tivoli Gardens

Whether if you like amusement parks or not, the Tivoli Gardens is a must visit in this city. It’s one of the oldest theme parks of the world and you don’t need to ride an attraction to have fun. You can enjoy this park by going for a walk, specially at Christmas. It is fully decorated and you will also find Christmas markets here. Visiting this place is one of the things we liked the most of this city.

You can buy the tickets in the ticket office for 14€ per person. If you would like to go more days, they will apply a small discount. Children younger than 7 can enter for free.

Christmas Markets

If you’re coming in this time of the year, one of the best plans that you can do in Copenhagen is going from one Christmas market to another. Furthermore, it was so cold that we lost the mobility in our fingers several times even though we were wearing gloves. So every time that we found a Christmas market we used to go there to recover, have a drink behind the heaters and then keep  visiting the city.

You will love them because of their decorations and because of the authentic atmosphere that you will find in them. Furthermore they play music and you can also buy Christmas ornaments and other souvenirs for your family. But if you’re not a Christmas lover, you will also enjoy tasting delicious sweets and getting warm by drinking a typical hot wine. We used to order it with whiskey because it is  sweeter. We loved it! We also recommend you ask to locals what they usually have and you will always succeed.

Furthermore all the Christmas markets are outdoors and they have heaters, so you will find them without any problem. They were essential for us to recover from the cold.

Copenhagen Opera

You cannot leave Copenhagen without visiting the Copenhagen Opera. It is located in front the Amalienborg Palace and the best time to visit it is during the sunset, when they turn on the lights of the building. 

The Mermaid

A guide tour from Copenhagen wouldn’t be completed without the famous Mermaid. You will need to walk a bit far from the city center to find it. This statue is a tribute to its Danish writer, whose spent his entire life writing children stories. Despite being on of the most famous landmarks in this city, we don’t consider  it a must visit. Is full of tourists waiting to take a picture with her and behind the Mermaid there is an industrial park which makes the place not very attractive. 


Churches, Palaces and Cathedrals

Before arriving to the Mermaid you can stop by the Marmorkirken, the entrance is  free. You should also visit the Amalienborg Palace, which is where the royal danish family lives. Once you have visited these places, keep walking until youl find the St Albans Cathedral. It is located next to the Kastellet, which are military buildings that were built to serve as a defense during the war. Nowadays, it’s a public park. 


You shouldn’t leave Copenhagen without visiting Christiania. We had never heard of this place and we were very surprised. It is famous because it ‘s considered a free and independent country from Denmark. Here you will have to keep your camera inside your bag if you don’t want to have problems, this is one of the rules of this area. In the street Pusher you can legally buy and consume marijuana or hashish, but strong drugs are not allowed. We invite you to walk around  this hippie hangout and let it surprise you with beautiful houses and observe how people live here. Just remember to keep your camera inside and respect the people from the place.

Rosenborg Castle and botanical gardens

If you like nature and botanical gardens, there is one very close to the city center. It is located next to the Rosenborg Castle, a house in which the monarch used to spend the summer, but nowadays is open to the public.


Visit Malmo

If you see that you already visited everything in Copenhagen, you can take a train in the central station to Malmo to spend the day. You can buy the tickets on the same day in the machines that you will find in the train station. Copenhagen doesn’t take second place comparing to Malmo but if you really have free time, you have the chance to visit a Swedish city. Remember that they have a different currency and a different language but you will have no problem since everyone speaks English.

Conclusions and Budget

A quick summary is that we loved Copenhagen. We believe that travelling during Christmas is a very good idea and  it is also nice to enjoy this time to get to know other cultures. The environment in the Christmas markets liven up everything and because of them we had a really good time.

But we recommend you take good winter clothes and to save money before coming because everything is quite expensive. A beer costs around 7€ in any establishment and a hot wine in a Christmas market the same. As you can pay with card everywhere we recommend you the cards of N26 and Revolut to avoid extra charge in commissions.

Here is a list with our expenses to help you have an idea how much it cost this trip for 4 days:

  • Flights to go and return with EasyJet: 134,87€ (two people)
  • 3 nights hotel: 434€ (two people)
  • Cash for some lunch and transport: 150€ (two people)
  • Payments with card in food establishment: 582,76€ (two people)

This trip was around 651€ per person.

Hope you like it. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

See you soon!!


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