Castle de Haar, the biggest castle in The Netherlands

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Amsterdam, Europe, Netherlands

If you are going to spend a few days in Amsterdam, you should use the chance to go and visit the Castle De Haar, which is located nearby Utrecht, just half an hour driving from Amsterdam. One of the reasons why this castle is so famous it is because it’s the biggest castle in the Netherlands.

The original Castle was built in the XIV Century but it was once again rebuilt between 1892 and 1912. In the 60s there were known the events and parties that used to take place in the castle, in which the jet set and the nobility used to assist. 

How to go from Amsterdam or Utrecht to the Castle de Haar

The best way to get to the Castle de Haar is by renting a car and go driving, however, you can also go by public transportation.

Amsterdam Centraal – Utrecht Centraal

Take the NS Intercity to Utrecht Centraal (2 stops)(25 minutes)

Utrecht Centraal – Castle de Haar

The the NS Sprinter to Vleuten (3 stops)(10 minutes)

Once you are in Vleuten, take the bus U-OV 127 and stop in Eikslaan (6 stops)(5 minutes)

Now you have to walk 15 minutes to the Castle de Haar.

Nowadays, the castle is still very well care and equipped. You can assist to a visit guide in which they will explain you the history of the family and the castle. You can buy the tickets in their ticket desk for 17€. Don’t worry if you are going with a car, there ir a parking for 6€.

You can also enjoy of a nice walk in their huge garden, where you can find deers and swans. If you are traveling with children they would like to play in a small maze built with cypresses.


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