24 Hours in Maastricht

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Europe, Netherlands

Maastricht is the capital of the region Limburgo and it’s probably one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands together with Nijmegen. The Maastricht Treaty was signed in this city in 1992, creating the European Union. The best of this city it’s it privilege location, since it’s located in the border with Belgium and Germany.

You can start the journey going to Vrijthof square, the most important square of the city. In the nearby, there is also the St. Servaasbasiliek and lot of restaurants and bars, in which you can find a lot of different kind of beers, including Belgian beers. As lovers of beer, specially of Belgian beers, we recommend you try at least one, but if you are doing tourism or you have to drive, be careful because they are stronger than regular beers.

If you go to Maastricht on Wednesday or Friday, you are lucky because there is a market in the Town Hall Square and it surroundings. We don’t like too much these kind of markets but if you like cheese, don’t hesitate to stop by one of the establishments. Maastricht is very well known because of its gastronomic culture and the cheese in this country is amazing. You cannot leave the country without trying a few different kind of cheese. As a recommendation, you can ask for spicy cheese (there are with different intensities) because there are more difficult to find them out of the Netherlands. 

Very close to Vrijthof Square, there is Selexyz Dominicanen. This is an old church converted to a library and they say that it’s the most beautiful library in the world. 

If you would like to go shopping, 40 minutes driving from Maastricht there is the Designer Outlet Roermond. This is an outlet with brands such as Nike, Dr. Martens, Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld, Polo Ralf Lauren, and a lot more, all of them with very good prices. 


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